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Opening CS4 file with CS

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I recently uploaded the trial version of Adobe Illustrator CS4 and did some work in it. Once the trial was up I used my Illustrator CS and now when I try to open my saved work in CS from the expired CS4, all paths are linked (grouped, together, one large picture, I'm not sure what to call it.) I cannot edit, unlink, ungroup any paths, shapes, text etc and I need to move and edit only pieces of my work. For a short time, everything was unlinked, I'm not sure what I typed or did to make that happen, but then sure enough it was linked again shortly thereafter. Is there a command sequence I am supposed to use to unlink or what else could it be to fix this? Thank you in advance!


I'm not sure what you are trying to say. In my view you shouldn't even be able to open native CS4 files in CS. or did you save them to the legacy format from there? that aside, I could imagine that your issue have to do with the transparency flattener settings and PDF compatibility. these things have been changed considerably for CS3 and the way I figure it, when you get everything as one big object it merely does so to retain the overall appearance at the cost of loosing editability.

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