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Open ports in zones

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I am encountering a strange behavior in new zones created using zonemgr 2.0.6 (this is the only way I create zones, so I do not know if the issue is more general). When I create a new zone, two strange things are happening:
1. Immediately after the zone is created, no services are running, not even ssh
2. About 10 minutes later, a whole bunch of services are running. Most of these are not running on the global zone.
For reference, nmap output on the global zone is the following:
[[email protected]:~] $ nmap t2000
Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2010-02-28 20:51 EST
Interesting ports on
Not shown: 991 closed ports
22/tcp open ssh
111/tcp open rpcbind
2161/tcp open apc-agent
3052/tcp open powerchute
4045/tcp open lockd
32774/tcp open sometimes-rpc11
32775/tcp open sometimes-rpc13
32776/tcp open sometimes-rpc15
32777/tcp open sometimes-rpc17
The new zone is created using the following zonemgr arguments:
[[email protected]:~/zonecfgs] # more ./temp.sh
./zonemgr -a add -n drenkhah -z "/export/zones" -P "root_pw" -I "|e1000g0|25|drenkhah" -R "/root|/usr/bin/bash" -s "basic|lock"
zone creation output is as follows:
[[email protected]:~/zonecfgs] # ./temp.sh
Checking to see if the zone IP address ( is already in use...IP is available.
cannot create '/drenkhah': leading slash in name
chmod: WARNING: can't access /export/zones/drenkhah
chown: /export/zones/drenkhah: No such file or directory
Zone drenkhah will be placed in the following directory: /export/zones/drenkhah
Preparing to install zone <drenkhah>.
Creating list of files to copy from the global zone.
Copying <2568> files to the zone.
Initializing zone product registry.
Determining zone package initialization order.
Preparing to initialize <1042> packages on the zone.
Initialized <1042> packages on zone.
Zone <drenkhah> is initialized.
The file </export/zones/drenkhah/root/var/sadm/system/logs/install_log> contains a log of the zone installation.
Creating the sysidcfg file for automated zone configuration.
Booting zone for the first time.
Waiting for first boot tasks to complete.
Waiting for automatic post-install reboot to complete
Updating netmask information.
Updating /etc/inet/hosts of the global zone with the drenkhah IP information.
Generating ssh host keys. Details in the (/root/.zonemgr/zone28330-ssh.log) file.
svcadm: Pattern 'svc:/network/ssh' doesn't match any instances
Setting the root user's home directory to /root
Setting the root user's shell to /usr/bin/bash
Disabling un-necessary services via basic method for the default services.
Zone drenkhah is complete and ready to use.
nmap output just after creating the zone is as follows:
[[email protected]:~] $ nmap drenkhah
Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2010-02-28 17:53 EST
All 1000 scanned ports on are closed
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 29.39 seconds
nmap output 17 minutes later is as follows:
[[email protected]:~] $ nmap drenkhah
Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2010-02-28 18:10 EST
Interesting ports on
Not shown: 986 closed ports
21/tcp open ftp
22/tcp open ssh
23/tcp open telnet
25/tcp open smtp
79/tcp open finger
111/tcp open rpcbind
513/tcp open login
514/tcp open shell
587/tcp open submission
4045/tcp open lockd
6112/tcp open dtspc
6788/tcp open unknown
6789/tcp open ibm-db2-admin
7100/tcp open font-service
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 29.25 seconds
Note that there are many open ports
# uname -a
SunOS t2000 5.10 Generic_137137-09 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200


The Leopard OS X firewall is application based and not port based. Honestly, I haven't played with it enough to know for certain how to answer your question.
But... when you do connection sharing, you're essentially doing a port based NAT for the systems on the other side of your Mac. This pretty much keeps you from initiating anything to the other system even without a local firewall unless you were to configure port forwarding.
As for blocking packets, you would need to use the 'ipfw' command to do things at the port level.

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