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Open and close multisim contact with LabVIEW

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Can I open and close multisim contact with labview and read the receptor estatus (p.e. lamp)?
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Hi Guddan,
I created a RFC having a query which is taking a long time to execute. So i want to close RFC connection with portals which is via java connector(JCO) before that query and open the connction again after that query.
I guess i will need to understand your requirement a little more in detail, as i understand you have an RFC which has a query within to fetch some data and is taking a long time to do so. In the meantime you don't want to keep the connection open?
My question would be, Is the role of this RFC to only execute the query and fetch the data or does it do something else?
If it does other things and these are independent of the query execution, then you can span a parallel call within the RFC to execute the query and in the meantime the RFC does the other things (or vice versa) hence reducing the overall time taken.
If the sole purpose of this RFC is to execute the query, then you will not be able(i mean to say there is no simple and direct way of doing this) to close the connection after the Query is started and re-establish the connection after its execution, for a simple reason that - how will you know if the query has completed it's execution, so that you can establish the connection back.
Alternate solutions, make this a two way asynchronous call, 1) You invoke the RFC asynchronously and close the connection, the RFC in turn will execute the query and transfer the data to JCO via another RFC call.
If this needs to be a synchronous call, then you will need to optimize the query to its best.

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