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Objective Setting & Appraisal: Importing Goals from Excel

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We are implementing OSA in SAP HCM. We have to import the Goals from Legacy application (available in excel)
Is there any provision to import in HRHAP* tables.  There are around 2000 employees, whose goals need to be imported into HCM.
If you have any other solutions, please let me know,
Vijay Badgeri


Dear Shubham,
Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.
1. Create an Object Tasks for Goals (PP01)
2. Create Relationships (A007) between Task and Employee Number (We are not using Position as tasks are specific to persons, and few employees have multiple positions assigned.)
How do I define Objectives ? Since I cannot load them as individual tasks, Do I need to create a custom infotype to load the Goals and load them thru LSMW?
For your understanding the flow is as under:
The Goal template has following field (Available in one Excel for all employees)
1. Perspective (Financial / Customer / Process / Learning)
2. Objective
3. Weightage
4. Unit
5. Unit of Measurement
Following fields get added to Appraisal document...
6. Achievment
8. Appraiser Rating
9. Raviewer1 Rating
10. Reviewer2 Rating
The document flow is as follows:
The Appraisal Hierarchy is as follows
1. Appraisee -> Appraiser
2. Appraisee -> Appraiser -> Reviewer 1
3. Appraisee -> Appraiser -> Reviewer 1 -> Reviewer 2
Employee based on the inputs received from his superior defines the Goals for the FY
It is validated by his appraiser (and reviewers as applicable)
On approval by all relevant Appraiser/Reviewers, goals are visible to Appraisee
There are no standard template available, the number of unique objectives will be very high. Each employee is having minimum of 8 objectives, maximum can be 25.
How do I go about ?
Thanks in Advance,

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