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Numbers locks up on "Formatting cells..."

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I have uncovered what must be a massive bug in iWork Numbers for Mac. This is now happening to me all of the time. Periodically when I apply a simple formatting to a column, such as currency or number format, the app shows a modal dialog that says "Formatting cells..." and it locks up. The formatting process never completes. The sheet only has a hundred or so rows in it. Nothing else can be done in the app, including reverting to a previous version or anything else.
Numbers doesn't show "not responding" status in the "Force Quit Applications". If i force quit the app, then the worksheet file becomes corrupted. As you know, the options to revert to a previous version only work from within the app with the worksheet loaded and since it won't open I can't do that. So all my recently completed changes are lost and I have to use time machine to restore a backup.
This is maddening and I could forgive the app if it only happened once, but its now happening on a regular basis. I can't believe that this hasn't been covered here in the support forums before, but I can't find anything remotely similar. I'm on OS X Lion with the latest version of Numbers purchased and updated through the Mac App Store.


The same thing happened to me and I called the co. and they told me to send it in, (bad hard dri've)not only that the head phone jack was loose so i only got like half the sound, either high's or lows it sucked. I only had it for a month!!

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