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Not all of my playlists will sync?? not smart playlists??

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Hi, so i made a playlist on my itunes, it's not a smart playlist, and it wont sync to my iphone 3G. it's not just that one that wont sync its one or two other too. Also, i just bought some songs on my itunes on my computer and those songs wont sync either. anyone else having the same problem or have any advice??
...also i think it may have something to do with the new itunes 4 update since my phone is only an iphone 3G
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We are having same problems...I updated both our phones yesterday and can't get any of our ringtones to sync back on the phones..Now this morning I have played around a bit with mine and somehow got two of my ringtones back on but cant get the others on.  This is confusing, we update our phones like they tell ya and then lose things we have paid for.

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