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No Data from SAP R/3 to SAP BW

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Hi there,
  I am attempting to activate the standard BW Business Content for <b>HR | Personnel Administration</b>
  I have activated <b>InfoSource | Personnel Adminstration(PA-PA)</b> as well as <b>InfoArea | Personnel Adminstration(0PAPA)</b>
  Hence, managed to map :-
  InfoSource <b>EMPLOYEE | 0HR_PA_0</b> to DataSource <b>0HR_PA_0-Employee</b>
  InfoSource <b>PERSONNEL ACTIONS | 0HR_PA_1</b> to DataSource <b>0HR_PA_1-Personnel Actions</b>
  InfoSource <b>'Headcount' | (0HR_PA_PA_1)</b> has NOT been assigned to any data source
  Hence, when I preview my InfoCube <b>Headcount and Personnel Actions | (0PA_C01)</b> I can see only the values for <b>0EMPLOYEE</b> . I <b><u>cannot</u></b> <b>see</b> the other values such as 0PERSON, 0ACTIONAREA, 0ORGUNIT, 0PERS_AREA, 0AGE, 0COMP_CODE or the other standard fields
I have checked the InfoType's in SAP R/3 and there are values in the respective tables.
Please advice on this ! Appreciate a quick responce
P/S: We're on BW 3.5


Hi guys,
  Made reference to SAP Note 336229.
  Maintained my Transfer Rules of <b>Data Source 0HR_PA_PA_1</b> to <b>Info Source 0HR_PA_PA_1</b> and all is green! Unfortunately, still <b>NO</b> data and error IDOC message is " <i>The data request was a full update. In this case, the corresponding table in the source system does not contain any data." </i>
  <i>The extractor of the DataSource reads the master data tables of the Employee (0EMPLOYEE) and person (0PERSON) InfoObjects and makes changes to these time-dependent attributes available as headcount changes</i>...<b>says SAP</b>
  Info Object <b>person (0PERSON)</b> works!!!, however Info Object(0EMPLOYEE) is giving me problem whereby in SAP R/3 <b>Data Source (Employee - Education and Training) 0EMPLOYEE_0022_ATTR</b> <u>allows</u> time overlapping of records, BUT BW generates an <u>error</u> " <i>The time interval ['99991231'/'19930104'] & (from/to) for the data records 46 and 47 overlaps in characteristic 0EMPLOYEE</i> "
For example, lets assume there is Employee X with the following entry in SAP R/3.
   Begin Date    End Date        SubType
   01.09.2003   01.09.2004      Professional Cert.
   01.09.2003   01.09.2006      Degree
    SAP R/3 allows this overlapping of time records however, BW does NOT. How can I tackle this overlapping issue in SAP BW?
With much appreciate,
-<b>John Mcluskey</b>-

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