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New extra tab in transaction QI02?

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hello all
Is it possible to add an extra tab or extra customer fields in quality info records? I looked into customer exits and enhancements but do not seem to find something valid....maybe I am missing something?


Hi Alisa,
Okay. Just check whether this is feasible or not.
1.     Copy QI01 program and paste the same in new ABAP program.
2.     Here you have all the ways to add newer fields with modification in above program.
3.     Also you need to develop the mechanism to save this data in standard Q-Info table. (Containing newly added Z fields)
4.     You can give a new t-code to this. E.g. ZQI01
5.     Remember at the same time you need to remove the authorisation for QI01 in order to avoid further confusion.
Anand Rao

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