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New business scenario for reapir from customer and sending them to vendor.

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Hello team,
                      We have a scenario where we need to configure in the system -
We  recieve a material from my customer for repair.We need to send this to my vendor who will repair  it and send them back to Us. On this we  recieve revenue from the customer and pay i pay half amount my vendor for the service.
We are following above scenario in SAP as
In the first step
The production team create a serviece order in IW31 for the material that need to send to the vendor, which was recieved from the customer. When service order is created in the back end a Purchase requisition is created.
In next step we  created a  PO w.r.f to the above PR and  we need to send this  to vendor on subcontracting so that we can track the material from him after the repair.
The problem is --- When PR is created automatically during serviece order creation (iw31) we are unable to create Po with Item category L (subcontracting) because PR is not created with L.We are even unable to change L in  PR since it is created automatically at the background.We ried to change the field at document type in spro. But no luck.
Pls let us know is there any other business process where we can handle this situation or any technical help to change the PR.


please work out in this way...
It can be done Using PM02 and PM03 control keys. Select the operation row select the External button in the bottom u will find Sub con check box u can click it .The prerequisities are create a material BOM in the bom as L item select a row and click the item which will be near to the header cap 2nd tab status/long text click it .Mat. Provision Ind select Lor X if it is not available go to IMG setting.Plant maintenance ->Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service->Bills of Material->Item Data->Define Material Provision Indicators, K&L will be standrad create S Rework Material,XRework Material from Subcontrmake a tick mark in Recursivity of Subcontracting Component and save it . while creating the material to the operation to be assigned from bom then in the component select the row go to the general button in the bottom then Mat. Prov. Ind will be there select rework material the system allows you to proceed further . save the order then check the PR it will be Account assignment will be F and Item categeory will be L selected automatically.
Then create PO then do MB1b (prerequsitie the material should have stock)using PO reference( movement type 541) the it will be moved to the vendor stock (check with mmbe)
Aganist PO Material sent to the vendor .While doing Goods Recipt do with MB01with movement type 101, now u can check the stock in mmbe it will be in storage location...

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