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Network Connection Refused - Help

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When I try to connect to the music store I receive an error message that says "iTunes could not connect to the music store. The network connection was refused." It further suggests that I check my network settings to see if they are active and correct. I have full access to the internet, which I would think would be the thing preventing me from connecting to the music store. I have not added a firewall; I have not added Service Pack 2; I have not changed ISPs, or changed any other thing that I can think of (or, more accurately, I have a firewall and Service Pack 2, but I had them before I ever used iTunes and was able to access the music store just fine with them in place). I have re-downloaded iTunes a few times but the same error message comes up. Does anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate some assistance.
Dell Latitude D600   Windows XP  
Dell Latitude D600   Windows XP  


I decided to respond to my own post. I looked at all of the other posts having the same problem and followed all of the advice. I shut off firewalls and pinged phobos and checked servers and everything. Finally I uninstalled itunes altogether and installed version 6.0.1. After I did that, I was able to access the music store immediately. Now, this doesn't rule out a firewall problem, but it leads me think it is an Apple problem rather than a everyone else and their firewall problem. I would love to continue downloading new versions of iTunes, but I won't do so until the majority of the posts on this discussion group stop wondering why they "mysteriously" can no longer connect to the music store.
Dell Latitude D600   Windows XP  

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