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Need help in configuring the Oracle app server with OC DB Server

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Hello people
I attempted to insta;; Oracle Clinical 4.5 and I have a problem that you mayhave resolved a long time back and I need some help. This is what I have done on the installation.
I need your help in centralizing my tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files. I am an Oracle Clinical guy and not an Oracle Expert, hence the request.
1. Installed Oracle 9i 9.2 database on Win2K server - W2kOCSVR
2. Installed Oracle Clinical 4.5 and created DB on W2KOCSVR.
3. Started up database and all is fine - tnsnames and sqlnet.ora
4. Each of these is on a separate partition including the OS.
1. Installed Oracle Appl Server 9iAs on another machine OCMIDTIER. This installed Oracle iSuites home and stuff.
2. Then I installed Oracle 9i developer suite - Oracle forms and reports.
3. Installed Jinitiator on the middle tier machine.
4. Basically this is the middle tier that is a Webserver that will be linked to the Database Server in Part-I
and lastly, I will have web clients with Jinitiator and a web browser.
I need to centralize the TNSNAMES.ora file and the SQLNET.ora file on all the machines. How do I do this?.
I have the TNSNAMES.ora and the SQLNET.ora on DB server and it is working fine. However, I have noticed many tsnnames.ora files on the middle tier - OCMIDTIER. (I've left out the example files)
a) E:\ORACLE\806\net80\admin\tnsnames.ora
b) E:\ORACLE\806\net80\tnsapi\tnsnames.ora
c) E:\ORACLE\iSuites\hs\admin\tnsnames.ora
d) E:\ORACLE\iSuites\network\admin\tnsnames.ora
All I need to know is which if these files do I need to integrate with the Tnsnames.ora file on the DB server - W2kOCSVR and how do I go about doing this?.
Your help is appreciated. If I were to see a copy of your tnsnames.ora on the webserver (middle tier) and the sqlnet.ora, I will be able to get an idea of how this is done. Right now, I am using tnsnames.ora but once I learn how this ties up, I can move to names sever.
Thanks for your help.


Hi Cecil,
I got into the same issue. I copied the content from the good tnsnames.ora to tnsnames.ora on webserver and it worked fine. I copied the details of the connect string that was working fine on dbserver. i was working on W2k server. Hope this helps

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