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N96 Continually Rebooting

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Hi - had my N96 for two days now and am finding that it will operate fine for a few hours.
However...sooner or later it will apparently lose network signal (judging by the signal strength icon) and reboot itself. After rebooting it freezes at the 'desktop' and then proceeds to continually boot/freeze/reboot for up to an hour. Eventually it comes right for another few hours before launching back into this cycle.
No buttons including the power button are responsive during this time. I've updated the firmware to 11, to no avail.
Any ideas why this would be happening?


Have spoken to Nokia today and they say a major upgrade is due on the n96 (Version 12) but this does not seem to be a known problem. Since I posted my note a few hours ago my phone has rebooted a further 5 times when not in use. It does seem to be related to the signal strength. I drove between cells and it rebooted as well. Nokia say they cannot downgrade phone and i should wait for version 12 as that might fix it or return it.
Vodaphone have been helpfull, initially they wanted to send a replacement refurbished unit but as that would have newest firmware they have agreed to send me a new phone with the older firmware. Hopefully then i can get back to a phone that locks up occasionally rather than one that reboots every 20 - 30 minutes when phone signal weak!
Up until this point I thought the phone was pretty good, now i am fearing that i made a huge mistake. But hats off to Vodaphone who have provided service levels above and beyond.

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