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N:1 mapping question

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Hello, can any1 please help me achieve the following mapping,
Input Msg Types:
Header (0..1)
   FieldH_A (0..1)
   FieldH_B (0..1)
LineItemType1 (0..n)
   FieldLN1_a (0..1)
   FieldLN1_b (0..1)
LineItemType2 (0..n)
   FieldLN2_a (0..1)
   FieldLN2_b (0..1)
Output Msg Type:
OutMsg (0.1)
   FieldOut_A (0..1)
   FieldOut_B (0..1)
   LineItems (0..n)
      FieldLN_out_a (0..1)
      FieldLN_out_b (0..1)
Mapping rules should be as following;
Header (0..1) -
> OutMsg (0.1)
   FieldH_A (0..1) -
>    FieldOut_A (0..1)
   FieldH_B (0..1) -
>    FieldOut_B (0..1)
LineItemType1 (0..n)  -
>    LineItems (0..n)
   FieldLN1_a (0..1) -
>      FieldLN_out_a (0..1)
   FieldLN1_b (0..1)      -
>      FieldLN_out_b (0..1)
LineItemType2 (0..n)  -
>    LineItems (0..n)
   FieldLN2_a (0..1) -
>      FieldLN_out_a (0..1)
   FieldLN2_b (0..1)      -
>      FieldLN_out_b (0..1)
Any help greatly appreciated.


Raj, i've tried to explain better by the following artwork :P
so i need to map 2 different type of segments from input type into 1 type of segments on output type.
<img src="http://img14.imgspot.com/u/07/155/21/mappingissue3.JPG">
Satish, you are right, its not N:1, i just didn't know how to describe it best
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