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My Prepaid Funds have been Stolen by Verizon Wireless

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Hi, I've had my prepaid phone with you for over 10 years. My payment due date recently got moved up. For some reason, I got no messages that payment was due and when I went to add today, my usual day, I found that my entire balance of $43.53 was gone! I've added $15. I would like my balance of $43.53  restored to my account. I am not a rich person and cannot afford such theft! I called the Prepay Department a call at 1-888-294-6804 and only got some automated system which eventually cut me off!


Responding a bit late here but,
I have seen glitches in the accounts where the billing got messed up by weird random fees. I called support who very quickly identified the issue and fixed it while we were talking. By the time we hung up the account was fixed. It is to bad the system has no self policing mechanism. However thankfully their operators are able to identify and correct most issues without complication. Next time there is a billing issue. I would give them a ring first directly.

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