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My iPad mini is stuck at 100% battery life (HELP!)

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My ipad mini has been stuck on 100% battery life all day and when I unplug it, it dies shortly after. I have to keep it plugged it to use it but it gets annoying.
Its been stuck on 100% and has not gone down yet !
I have tried turning it off, rebooting it, I checked my settings to see if I have done anything wrong, but nothing is working!
Any suggestions on what I should do to solve this problem?


Suggestion 1:  Run the device completely dead - and then recharge it.
Suggestion 2:  Restore the device to factory settings (backup first).
Suggestion 3:  Apple Genius Bar or Contact Apple support for a diagnostic test.
Make a Genius Bar Reservation (or cancel an existing reservation)
Sign in using your Apple ID
AppleCare US phone number: (800)-694-7466
Contact Apple for support and service

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