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My internet speed keeps to be occupied when streaming video and closing the broswer!!

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My internet speed is fully occupied when streaming a video and going to different points in it (walking through it) then close the tab the speed still occupied even if I close the broswer !!!! (also tried on firefox and chrome), Iam running fresh installation of windows 8.1 enterprise (updated) and my browser versions "firefox 29, chrome 34.0.1847.131m" and flash player 13,0,0,206 and only way till now to stop this is to disable and then re-enable connection from network and sharing center in windows . what's wrong! what should I do?


What you NEED to understand is that Flash Player is ONLY a plug-in for your browser.
It ONLY functions when there is Flash content in a page and ONLY when that content is called into play by a user action (you clicked Play or visited a page where the content was set to "auto play").
If your system is downloading data AFTER you've closed the browser (and subsequently terminated the plug-in), whatever is causing that download is OUTSIDE of your browser and OUTSIDE of Flash Player.
Think of it this way. You have a Blu-Ray movie playing and suddenly... there's a loud screeching sound coming from your stereo. So you stop the movie - the sound continues. You eject the BR disc - the sound continues. You disconnect the BR player - the sound continues. You turn the TV off - the sound continues. You disconnect the TV from the stereo - the sound continues. The sound CANNOT be coming from a source that is completely disabled. Flash player is like the BR Player, your browser like the TV. The data download is like the annoying sound. Something in your OS... be it a setting or even malware... is causing the download of data because a terminated browser and a terminated plug-in cannot cause it.

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