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My Internet speed is slower than it should be.

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My family has had verizon high speed internet for years but for some reason I decided to question the speed that we were getting. I went to the verzion website to look at the plans and we should be getting 1 Mbps download and 384 Kbps, but when I went to Speedtest.net to check out what speeds we were getting. I ran the speed test about 10 times and the results are about the same:
DOWNLOAD - 0.09 Megabytes per second
UPLOAD -        16.4 Kilobytes per second
What I want to know is why are the speeds not higher? Im thinking that verizon forgot to update our speed since the time when we first got it, about 4 or 5 years ago!
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A Verizon Tech support employee helped solve the issue. Apparrently we still had the same plan when we started and were only getting 768 kbps download and were paying like $21 dollar for it. So we are going to upgrade and get the starter plan and pay $20 a month and get 1 MB download. I might even get the 3 MB download plan.

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