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Multi-plexing Error-DVD will not burn

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How do I get rid of errors? There are none that show up on the map view. This is a 6.0 theme, no music, one QT file with chapter markers. Thanks for any help you can give. I have tried about six times.


Made a few minor changes, but major change was to go from Best Performance to Professional Quality.
There's a bug with iDVD that causes problems when a movie is edited and then the probject is re-encoded and burned.  The best route to take is create a new project, add the edited movie and go from there.
Also I suggest you follow this recommended workflow:
Once you have the project as you want it save it as a disk image via the  File ➙ Save as Disk Image  menu option.  This will separate the encoding process from the burn process. 
To check the encoding mount the disk image and launch DVD Player and play it.  If it plays OK with DVD Player the encoding was good.
Then burn to disk with Disk Utility or Toast at the slowest speed available (2x-4x) to assure the best burn quality.  Always use top quality media:  Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums because they have a higher concentration of dye in the burn layer than other brands.

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