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MSI K9N SLI: acpi, shutdown, ethernet "not enough resources"

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I recently got the MSI K9N SLI, new ram, gpu to upgrade my computer. I did a fresh install of windows xp pro but the computer kept going into some hibernating/power saving mode suddenly during install of windows. (The power led blinks slowly) After this I can not restart until I switch the I/O button at the back of the psu to off.
-I remembered seeing some options in the bios so I switched off the ability of pci/pcie devices to recover from hibernation/sleep mode.
-The install of windows then got a little further, until it says installing/configuring network devices. A new shutdown (this time a complete shutdown, where I can simply start the pc again at the front). This happens every time.
-I now turned off acpi (advanced power saving... etc) in bios, and the installation of windows went fine. However...
-Now the integrated ethernet lan devices says they cant find enough resources for it to work. So I cannot access the internet. Otherwise the system performs and runs smoothly. Have played games/music..etc.
-Then to solve the ethernet problem I looked here in these forums where I found this post:
This seemed to be a solution...however, it sets the acpi function to enabled, which causes the shutdown/hibernation/sleep mode during install.
When I disable this bios function, everything except the lan problem, works fine. However this seems to make windows install the wrong HAL or device driver for the ethernet/communication part of windows.
It also seem that others are having trouble with their integrated lan. One person's solutin was to install a separate ethernet card, which I am going to try. But I would like to have the benefit of having acpi enabled as it seem to be an important function safetywise.
I can recreate the shutdown during windows install every time by enabling the acpi function in bios. Although turning it on after installing windows doesnt seem to do anything, as windows seem to already have installed the wrong driver components. It also doesnt solve the ethernet problem as this requires at least a repair-install of windows.
I apologize for the long post but more information is generally better, right?!   
Any ideas of how to solve this?
Thank you to everyone who replies anything helpful! 


Quote from: Ferro on 15-August-06, 09:25:13
Just installed the new harddrive and this time I only disabled the ethernet lan during windows install. Then installing the amd cpu software and the realtek audio drivers.
However I am experiencing some minor unstabilities, one restart while surfing so far. Been reading about similar problems with other k9n sli users and if more restarts happen I am returning this mb and getting an Asus. Had Asus for the three last upgrades and never had any problems. Could be a fluke of course. Heard good things about Msi though.
What PSU are you using including the [email protected] value A? Gd luck.

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