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Mozilla.cfg file is not loading in my 21.0 version; how can I customize deployment?

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I need to deploy a customized configuration for a limited access network, and have created a custom mozilla.cfg file. It appears as though mozilla.cfg is not being read. I have intentionally created errors in the local-settings.js file, and it will throw errors (even when it cannot find the mozilla.cfg file). When I create errors in the mozilla.cfg file, however, no errors are thrown and no changes are made to the applications configuration.


Some remarks:
*You wrote 'Try {' with a capital.
*The value of these prefs is a string value and thus requires quotes:<br />lockPref("network.proxy",;<br />lockPref("network.proxy.http_port", 8080);
* true/false also need to be lowercase.
toolkit.telemetry.prompted is an integer pref as you can see on the <b>about:config</b> page
* lockPref("toolkit.telemetry.prompted", 2);
Note that you have this line twice:
*lockPref("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", "ignore");
//Firefox Settings
try {
// set Firefox Default homepage
lockPref("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", "ignore");
// default proxy settings
lockPref("network.proxy.type", 1);
lockPref("network.proxy.http", "");
lockPref("network.proxy.http_port", 8080);
lockPref("network.proxy.share_proxy_settings", true);
// disable default browser check
lockPref("browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser", false);
//lockPref("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", "ignore");
// disable password caching
lockPref("signon.rememberSignons", false);
lockPref("signon.prefillForms", false);
// disable application updates
lockPref("update_notifications.enabled", false);
lockPref("app.update.auto", false);
lockPref("app.update.enabled", false);
lockPref("app.update.service.enabled", false);
// disables the 'know your rights' button from displaying on first run
lockPref("browser.rights.override", true);
// disables the request to send performance data from displaying
lockPref("toolkit.telemetry.prompted", 2);
lockPref("toolkit.telemetry.rejected", true);
} catch(e) {
displayError("Mozilla: ", e);

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