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Mixer to Macbook 13

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I bought a Macbook Pro 13 yesterday and (first mac ever) and the sole reason I bought the computer was to record and edit music.  I have spent all morning trying to get garageband to recognize the audio in from my mixer and it will not.  No matter what I try it only recognizes the built in microphone audio signal.  I know the there is audio coming from the mixer because the levels are working and this was unplughed straight from a working desktop setup.  I have tried to change the audio in from system settings to built in.. nothing.  Can't find any more options to get this laptop to recognize the audio in.  I was told that there is a firewire cable that works really well but of course my local apple store didn't have it and it seems kind of ridiculous that I would need to spend an additional $30+ to get this thing to record the audio signal from my mixer.  I am getting frustrated and thinking about taking this thing back since this was what I bought it for.  Can anyone help me figure this out?  Mixer is a Behringer 1202FX.  SM58 into the mixer.  Trying to record "documentarian" style and just pick up acoustic and vocals with one mic for now and have this signal come from the mixer and be recorded in garageband for now until I get Logic or ProTools.  Thanks for any help.


Actually I figured it out myself.  I don't know how to close a thread here and I figured I would post this in case anyone else comes across this and is having the same problem. 
I was trying to fix the problem solely through garageband.  I eventually backed out and found audio menu under the system preferences for the computer itself.  Here you can change the audio in/out jack to be either one or the other.  I think the default is output.  Once I changed this to input only everything works as it should now. 
So in other words you have to change it under system preferences outside of garageband first.

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