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Mighty Mouse Issues

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Hello, The scroll ball on my wired Mighty Mouse will not scroll up, I have checked settings in preferences, everything seems ok. While trying to scroll up it almost feels like it is dragging (the little blue scroll ball) Scrolling down or side way works perfect. Don't know if it is the actual mouse or a software issue. Any one with ideas??


Glad to hear that the cleaning worked for you.
As David said, the surface that you use the mouse on will affect the accuracy of the mouse. The optical sensor can be easily confused if the pattern is not consistent.
I have found that the right mouse pad can make a huge difference. It's the pattern that actually makes the difference. You could probably get great results just using it on a non-glossy desk.
Wood-grain or a flat textured color would be fine.
But, I've actually gotten the best results on patterned mouse pad.
The ones I use are round mouse pads, as thin (or thinner) than a sheet of paper), and have a pattern that optical mice like.
They are called "WOW!PAD"
The company that makes them is at:
My pad is "Dots 007" if you look at the pictures on the page at:
You can read more about the pads by going to the following page, and selecting the different options in the selection box:
I've found that it almost completely eliminated the pointer problems on my Microsoft Mouse, and 100% eliminated the problems on both my Apple Pro mouse and Mighty Mouse.
My Apple mice don't jump around at all now. So, give that a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
I hope this helps.
Let us know if you have other questions.
P.S., if you'd like, go ahead and click the "Helpful" or "Solved" buttons on any of the posts / replies above if you feel they were helpful or adequately answered your question.

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