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Metadata Management and CMS

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I have installed BO XIR 3.1 sp3 and Metadata Mangement on a window 2008 sp2 platform. Everything was going well. After a server problem I had to redeploy the Metadata Manager and BOMM  apps on tom Cat (5.5).
After the redeployment of the two apps, the BOMM console worked well but it's impossible to view Metadata Management in the cms. Here's the message that I get:
http 404 and :
When I try to configure the repository via the application options of the cms here's what I get:
http 404 :
Do I have to redeploy? refresh a property file ? copy a war file?


Hi Harpreet,
Thanks for the reply!
The current architecture is:
PeopleSoft -> SAP ECC -> SAP BI -> BOE -> WebI
We are trying to perform mappings from field names on reports in WebI back to their SAP BI technical name / description, and even into ECC if possible. I was able to run Metadata Integrator in DS to collect lineage information from the BOE server, but this doesn't give me anything further back than BOE. I assumed that I would need to add the remaining steps manually, yet it sounds like you have a better idea.
How can we go about doing this? Are you saying that if I use:
SAP ECC -> DS -> SAP BI -> BOE -> WebI
Then it will show my lineage from WebI all the way to ECC automatically? Do you have any examples of this? If that is the case, then I would like to test it out.

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