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Metadata Loads (.app) - What is best practice?

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Dear All,
Our metadata scan and load duration is approximately 20 mins (full load using replace option). Business hfmadmin has suggested the option of partial dimension loads in an effort to speed up the loading process.
HFM System Admins prefer Metadata loads with replace option as there seems to less associated risk.
Using partial loads there appears to be risk to cross dimension integrity checking, changes are merged, potentially duplicating of members when moved in Hierarchy.
Are there any other risk with partial loads?
Which approach is considered best practice?


When we add new entities to our structure and load them with the merge option, they will always appear on the bottom of the structure. But when we use the replace option they will appear in the order that we want it. For us, and for the user friendlyness we always use the replace option. And for us the Metadata-load usually takes at least 35 minutes. Last time - 1.15...

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