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Messed up albums: anyone else seeing this?

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Hi all,
I've been living with this problem for a long time but never posted anything about it. Now I'm curious if anyone else is seeing it. Here's the bug report I sent in this week:
Hi. I'm posting about a bug that I've been having for a long time that seems to be getting worse. It's nothing critical but it's quite annoying, especially with a client by your side - which is what happened yesterday.When creating albums, Aperture will randomly show multiple copies of certain pictures. Aside from being extremely distracting visually, it even goes so far as to count the duplicates. For instance right now I'm looking at a client's selects album containing 5 pictures, but it's displaying (and counting) 16!!! Selecting becomes completely messed up, highlighting some duplicates and not others and not releasing the selection for all pictures when clicking outside a picture box. Restarting the app or the machine changes nothing. Right now I'm looking at three albums I just created and two of them exhibit the problem even though they were all created exactly the same way. I have a 4 x 6 album where one picture is duplicated 7 times and the others 3 or 4. It's a bit of a mess.
Here's a screenshot of a MobileMe gallery (of my kids) that's exhibiting the problem:
I've highlighted some of the duplicates but there are more if you look closely.
Am I the only one with this problem? I'd love to know so I can track this one down.


No, I have not seen this problem (OS 10.4.11, Aperture 2.1.1) but I do feel your pain. When an app misbehaves in front of a client it reflects on our professionalism, and that s*cks.
I am not suggesting that something similar is your specific problem here, but 10.5 initially caused all kinds of issues with Adobe CS3, and CS4 has quite a few issues of its own. When everything is working well I tend not to immediately accept new app or OS updates because different parts of the package (multiple OS components and multiple apps) so often have not yet been fully tested together, making updates much like public betas.
In the event that this malfunctioning presages something really bad going on with Aperture I would take care to make sure that backups are in order, but without writing over any existing backup Libraries in the event that the current Library is hosed.
After everything is as ready for catastrophe as it can be,
• Repair Permissions via Disk Utility
• Do a Software Update
• Again repair Permissions via Disk Utility
• Rebuild the Library and see what happens.
Good luck!
-Allen Wicks

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