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Message - Can't open a Scratch File & Photoshop CS4 Won't load

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I just installed Photoshop CS4, both the 32 and 64 bit versions (part of the "Master Collection"). After opening the programs I changed the scratch disk location to two separate drives other than where Photoshop resides, where it had placed said file as a default. Now neither Photoshop versions will open.
I get the following message:
"Could not open a scratch file because the scratch file is locked..."
Just one problem, there is no scratch file visible on either of the two drives...
My operating system is Vista Ultimate on a 64 bit Quad CPU machine with 8Gb of ram, two Raptor HDs, four 750Gb HDs configured into one RAID 5 drive and Nvida GEForce 8800GTS graphics card.
Has anyone here experienced a similar problem???


Had the same problem, and called Adobbe tech support, who solved the problem <g>.  In Computer find the disk you want to use as a scratch disk, select, right click, and choose properties.  Go to the Security tab and highlight Users (your name) and look at the Permissions.  To use as a scratch disk, Full control needs to be checked (Allowed).  If it's not, edit the Permissions for Users, and check Full Control.  Apply and OK. Setting that disk as a scratch disk should now work fine.

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