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ME23N Error when trying to send PO via IDOCS to another system?

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Hello Experts,
I am getting wired message what I ma trying to send PO via IDocs to other SAP system (XI)
I went to all partner , port configurations on WE20 and everything there seems to be fine but once I go to ME23N, then GO TO -> MESSAGES , than opens another windows when you key in MESSAGE CONTROL DATA that have been mantained
in the outbound parameters in the PARTNER PROFILE configurations.Then I am getting the message :
'No communication data has been defined for transmission medium 6'-----
The LED on "PO:output screen' is YELLOW and never gets green.
Can someone tell me how to overcome this and send my  PO Idocs?Please some more details will be appreciate it!
Thank you much  eveyone!


I just got the same problem. Everything worked fine when i was using message type ORDERS01, but when i changed it to ORDERS05 this problem started happening.
This might solve your problem. If you have it solved out can you tell us the solution you found??

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