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Making a image

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I have been trying to make an image for my company that has bootcamp on it. I have Mac OS on one partition and WinXP on the other. I use the disk utility to make an image for both partitions. When I restore my MacBook the Mac partition goes on fine. The WinXP restores fine but after restarting the MacBook and booting into WinXP I get "No boot device found" Any suggestions? I have tried every thing I can think of. I have used both FAT32 and NTFS I also ready that I should not use Journaling on the Mac partition so I tried it that way. Still doesn't work.


I have been to his site for other stuff. I somehow didn't see that link before. I have been trying to get my boss to let me just use parallels but he was dead set on using bootcamp even though we have licenses for parallels. After reading that link and making the point again that bootcamp is not going to be faster than parallels plus the fact I have spent a lot of time getting it to work his way he agreed to us just parallels.
Thanks for the help.

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