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Make activity available only as follow-up

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is there a possibility in CRM 2007 to deactivate an activity to be created from the activities work center so that it is only available as follow-up from e.g. an opportunity?
There would be an activity "ZXY Follow-up opportunity" and it should only be possible to create this as follow-up of "OPPT Opportunity" and not with "new" activity.
Thanks in advance
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Hi Chandrakant,
thanks for the reply but I might have explained my problem not detailed enough.
I know how to create follow-ups and I know how to leave out the whole work center for activities. The problem that I face is that certain activities should only be available only as follow-up and not via activities workcenter while others while others can be created from the activities workcenter.
So the selection of these activities should be suppressed when clicking on "New" button.
Hope this is a bit more understandable.
Best regards

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