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MacBook does not see internal hard disk

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Sorry if this is already answered somewhere, but I have searched so many forums that my head is swimming!
My boyfriend connected a new USB drive to his MacBook, formatted the new disk, copied some backup data onto it. At some point, the MacBook hung, so he held down the power key until the MB turned off.
Each time we restart it now, we get the flashing-folder-with-question-mark, and Tiger won't boot.
I have tried almost all of the tips I can find, and was even willing to reinstall OS X, however... the MacBook does not appear to see it's internal hard disk. As such, I cannot perform first aid on the disk via booting to setup DVD, and I cannot reinstall OS X.
If I boot from the OS X install disk, and use Disk Utility, the MB only sees the CD-RW/DVD-RW drive and the install disc. No internal HD ever shows up.
Help! I am at a loss as to how to fix...


Let me guess: you're also experiencing a low clicking noise from the right side of your mac immediately after you turn it on, right? Same thing happened to me and others, in fact there are several threads on this subject already:
My drive was done for, and no data could be saved. I ended up buying a new drive, and now I'm just hoping the same thing doesn't happen again. I'm beginning to get a sense that this problem is occurring on a more frequent level now that the 1st generation macbooks have reached their 1-year birthday, give or take. Let's hope Appel fesses up if it is indeed a design flaw.
Anyway, you most likely need a new drive. I just got a Hitachi Travelstar 250 gb for around 200$US, so they're quite cheap, and VERY easy to install, just 3 screws, slide it in, boot up, run disk utility, erase/format and you're good to go.

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