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Mac - SQLDev 1.5 - Unable to use carriage return/enter in SQL Worksheet

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This morning I brought up SQLDeveloper (1.5). I connected to a database. Started typing in a query and the carriage return (or enter) does not work. If I go to a menu or the list of files, it does work. Just not in the SQL Worksheet. I removed the application and re-installed. Still the same. I do not see this behavior in any other application or situation. Just within the SQL Worksheet of SQLDeveloper.
As a check, I did exit all other applications, rebooted, and tried again. Still no joy. I have the latest updates of Leopard and SQLDeveloper. I am guessing it is not using the latest Java but rather what was deployed with SQLDeveloper.
Any thoughts on how I could lose these two keys? There is no change to the system preferences for the keyboard. There is no setup to have the carriage return or enter key be mapped to anything else.
Very odd. I tried looking around the application and only in the SQL Worksheet does it not work.
Any ideas?


Ahh, I was pulling my hair out over this since last week (on a PC, not a Mac). I just couldn't figure out why I could no longer add a line feed on the SQL worksheet when I hadn't changed anything at all.
Anyway, I still have no idea how the settings got changed, but resetting to defaults did the trick. Thanks!

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