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Locally stored embedded QT movie (.mov) won't play (question mark icon)

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Hello. I have the same problem on two different computers, both running Firefox 3.0.4 and Quicktime 7.5.5. In a web page with a quicktime movie embedded using the <object> element, if the page refers to a file on a local drive (for example, within the same folder as the html file), it will not display. I see the Quicktime logo with a question mark in it, sometimes after a fleeting glimpse of the video. If I put the same video in a remote location and change the data attribute to point to that remote URL, the file works as it should. I haven't noticed any problems playing Quicktime files on the web, in general (but I haven't looked around too much). The same code (with the movie file in a local folder) works fine in Internet Explorer, and I tested on a third machine with Firefox and Quicktime 6.3, and it worked there. Any ideas? Thank you.


Well, thanks, that might explain it. So the reason I can simply click on the local file to open it in my browser and it invokes the Quicktime player just fine is because it's not an http request? And this might be a boneheaded question, but aren't most media files invoked on websites local to the html files in which they're embedded and referenced with a relative URL (like /media/movie.mov)? Or is it that because those files are residing on a server, the relative URL is translated into an absolute URL when a client submits an HTTP request?
I guess I'll look around at existing web pages that use the object element to call up media files and see how it's done (and if they work in my browser). Also, I'm new to this stuff, so sorry if my questions aren't making sense.

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