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Lightroom won't recognize directories or import RAW

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i am unable to import RAW photographs that are already on an external drive, imported by another program via a netbook in the field. Gives no error message, just won't recognize the directories. Will recognize JPEG though. Taken with a Canon xsi. Lightroom is on an HP laptop with plenty of oomph. Have been using Lightroom v. 3.4.1 with no prior problems for thousands of photos, now all of a sudden...????
just completed installation of LR v. 3.5 and same issue: unresolved.
any help would be MUCH appreciated!


the external drive is an WD Elements that connects via USB. The directories are fine on the drive. The raw photos show as .cr2, but without a thumbnail. I'm not sure if the other program changes the file names... No -- they don't appear to be any different than the ones LR imports fromt the card...
apologies: the directories that lightroom will not recognize also contain jpegs that don't come up either. Sorry!
thanks ;-)

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