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Led#4 yellow light on Powermac g5 Quad 2

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I have this mac that would not start. When I click the power button, it gives me a clicking sound and does not do anything. The yellow light on led 4 is lit up. It says to adjust and check the air deflector, i reseated the deflector and same results. I also tried to just remove the RAM one at a time and check if it's a bad memory and does the same thing.
Any help is appreciated.


I replaced the air deflector and looks like that did the trick on turning off the led4 light.
But machine still does not turn on.
Now that I had it open, when I click the power button, Led7 light turns on for a split second and the light on the power button stays if i hold it for a few seconds.
It says on http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2652?viewlocale=en_US
that if it's red on Led7 contact Apple but it's not a solid red.
Please advise.

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