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LDAP Log not showing external search results

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I'm conducting LDAP searches with a filter into the LDAP directory of OD Master. Results are as expected and authentication is correct for an LDAP user. I can see the authentication in PasswordServer.
My question is, why doesn't the LDAP search show up in the LDAP Log (slapd.log)? All I get in this log are new user accounts when created showing a note that home directory attribute is not provided. I am not using home directories as AFP and Web services for groups are all that the user has access to. The preponderance of entries in LDAP Log are for
"bdbsubstringcandidates: (authAuthority) index_param failed (18)"
which has been there since 10.5 and continues despite making an index entry for authAuthority in slapd_macosxserver.conf and restarting the LDAP service.
Can someone enlighten me on the functions of LDAP Log and what should be visible there?


I just discovered that if the formulation output doesn't have any entries in the cross reference section, it will not appear in eqt search results. does this make sense? Is there some config that we can adjust to make them apper even without a cross reference?

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