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JPG images not displayed correctly in Bridge and Photoshop

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I am using CS4 under OSX 10.4.11 on a PowerMac G5 Quad. Images which have been captured as JPG are displayed fine by Preview, but when opened in Bridge, Camera Raw or Photoshop. the colours are all "washed out". The attached screen capture should give an idea of the difference, with the upper being Camera Raw (image settings) and the lower being Preview. My monitor has been calibrated and I'm using sRGB IEC61966-2.1 colour space in Camera Raw and Photoshop. what could be causing this?


I've done some more experimentation. After opening the image in Photoshop without adjustment, then Save As JPEG with embedded color profile, Preview displays the new image the same as Photoshop. Save As JPEG without embedded color profile, and Preview displays this copy just like the original. It seems that Photoshop is making different (incorrect) assumptions about what color space to use when there is no embedded color profile. Shouldn't it assume sRGB like everything else? Or is its interpretation of sRGB incorrect? How can I fix this?

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