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Is there a script that could take all the artists in my library beginning with A, assign them to a playlist, then those starting with B to another, and on and on throughout the alphabet?
I'm trying to use Fetch Art to get art for everything in my library, but I have 21,000+ songs. Applying a script or a program to batch-process even 1000 songs usually makes something crash, so I'm looking for something organized I can do systematically. To find songs without artwork, I use a script from doug's applescript.
Any advice? Let me know if I need to be more detailed...


Or make 26 smart playlists with the condition "Artist begins with [a-z]" with live updating. That way, whenever you add tracks they will automatically go to the appropriate playlist. You would also need a catchall playlist for any artists that might start with a number or special character.

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