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Is there a limit to the number of concurrent L2TP/IPSec VPN connections in Snow Leopard

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I'm currently running an L2TP/IPSec service from a Snow Leopard server VM running on the latest version of Lion Server ( Had loads of issues with Lion VPN connectivity from outside our network when I first upgraded the physical server to Lion. quickest way to get the service back was to run an S/L VM. I know that there have been some changes to Lion in the VPN area, but this works... sort of;;;)
I've got an IP address pool of 20 addresses confgured as this is only for ICT staff members. Each user has a local userid/password on the S/L server. For me, things just work.
iPhone, iPad, OS X lion client they all work and I've had about 3 simultaneous connections up and running.However, the majority of staff users use Windows 7 client machines and they're been reporting sporadic connection failures where one moment they can get connected and the next they can't.  I'm currently wondring if there is some concurrent limit setting they are hitting and are getting slung off because I've got other users using the service.  It would be a bit strange if S/L can only support 2 or 3 connections out of the box.
Then again it might be VMWare Fusion (Vsn 4.1.1) thats the problem.
Any help apppreciated


You have to count to have about 30GB at least free on the startup disk, after you have the library loaded.
On the external you have space enough.
As far as I know there is no limit for iPhoto, but I suggest to not let it grow too much, because everything will become sluggish, also making backups. It should be possible to split up in more libraries, one that is really actual and one that is the past. Physical splitting up I mean, not smart collections. You can switch libraries by holding the Alt(option) at startup of iPhoto.

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