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Is the Unknown Error 1604 being addressed? (!!)

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Is this error being addressed at all?!
I've gotten it for the second time now and had to send it to Apple Store AGAIN for help. Cause it won't turn back on again. Just says "plug me into itunes".
I know several other friends of mine who've gotten the same error and...well, suddenly after some days and after a lot of differen't tries. It all of a sudden works again.
This error is just mindblowing. Why is the only choice I get after installing to "reinstall and update" ..why not reinstall and NOT update?! The update is what is causing the frigging problem. This error MUST be well known, yet it's not..cause when I try to search for the UNKNOWN ERROR 1604...there's nothing to find. Why is this?
I've not just spent over 10 hours trying to fix this, but I end up having to send it to Apple Store for the second time and they will probably send it back again and say..."hey, there's nothing wrong with it, but we had to reinstall EVERYTHING" (!?) There IS something wrong when you have to reinstall everything!
Doesn't seem like Apple is addressing this issue at all even if there's a lot of people having trouble with it.
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If the Apple Store is simply restoring the phone and giving it back...I would point to your computer as the culprit here...
Are you updated to all current service packs? Not plugged into any USB hub and directly connected to the BACK of the computer?
I would start with your computer as the culprit and work from there. It also may be something as simple as a bum cable.

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