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Is the store DRM free yet?

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I haven't used the iTunes store before, mostly becuase I never liked the idea of DRM. Months ago, I read that in 2009 many songs would be going DRM free, and the entire store DRM free sometime in 2009.
Has this happened yet? If not, how do I know if a song is DRM Free or not?
Also, is there a way to tell what bitrate the song is at before purchase? I read something about more and more tracks going to "iTunes plus" - higher than the usual 128kpbs rate of the store.


I quote:
iTunes Plus: Every song on the iTunes Store is now a high-quality, DRM-free iTunes Plus song.
That's per [this Apple web page|http://www.apple.com/itunes/whatsnew>.
The bitrate is 256 kbps.

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