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Is Macbook for me!!!!

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I want to make sure the macbook is for me....I want to do some major DJ producing on ableton and I will also be working exstensively on final cut pro! Can macbook handle my needs?


Not to mention the limited 13" screen to stare all day long and if you use external monitor using apple adapter, it will split the shared memory in two and make the gpu more limited.
Yes, the GPU is limited but the Core 2 Duo is not. From my use I have found this Mac Book to be as capable as my Powermac Dual G5. All I am saying is that AFAIK, no one says that the PowerMac Dual G5 is weak for FCP. This Mac Book also outperforms my Powermac in terms of audio latency with Logic Pro as well.
Isn't it true that all you have to do is sleep the computer (close the id), connect your monitor and keyboard/mouse and then you get full resolution through the monitor when you wake up the computer with the lid closed?
The only limiting factor I have seen are the "tests" of the GPU. I have not found this Mac Book to be slow via USB2 or Firewire or with the processors.
From daily use this thing is fast. I do not miss my Powermac when using this Mac Book.

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