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Is it possible to get logs from a 3850 Cisco member switch in a stack?

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%STACKMGR-1-STACK_LINK_CHANGE: MEMBER: 4 stack-mgr:  Stack port 2 on switch 4 is down
%STACKMGR-1-STACK_LINK_CHANGE: STANDBY:2 stack-mgr:  Stack port 1 on switch 2 is down  (OC-SWTCH)
%STACKMGR-6-SWITCH_REMOVED: STANDBY:2 stack-mgr:  Switch 3 has been removed from the stack.
I recieved errors on a 3850 switch 3 in my stack, it's removed from my stack and after 5 minutes it comes back up. I want to know what the switch was doing for those 5 minutes, is it possible to get the log files for only switch 3? Telneting to the switch stack or connecting a console cable directly to switch 3 only gives me the logs for master switch logs. Ideally when a switch reconnects to a stack, the master switch should ask the joining switch for it's logs, and merge them into it's own logs so it has a record of the switch did when it wasn't communitating.


create a internal with type of the structure and populate values into that n do wat ever u want.
data: itab type zstruct occurs 0 with header line. // where zstruct is a structure in a database.
select * from .............. into table itab where ...............
loop at itab.
write:/10 itab-fld1,
          20    itab-fld2,
if helpful reward some points.
with regards,
suresh aluri.

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