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IPod wont work after update! iTunes wont see it! Help???!!!

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After updating the updater my iPod is no longer recognised by itunes. When i plug my ipod in it says do not disconnect and is recognised by the computer, but not itunes. The updater window comes up saying i need to update but it will only give me the option to restore. I have done this. I have tried resetting also, but this doesn't work. I have uninstalled the updater, and reinstalled it. The problem persists. It comes up with an error when i do have the option to update. Now my ipod, when turned on, display the little apple sign, and then the folder with the exclamation, and shortly turns itself off. It has no songs on it now. I've only had it about 8 months so it should still be covered under the warranty, but ideally i would like to solve this problem without sending it off.
Did you work out how to sort out yours? Or can anyone help me with mine!


"Did you work out how to sort out yours?"
Did who sort out theirs?!
What is the error message you refer to when you tried to update it.
If you've seen this and it doesn't help then it may need service.
Folder and !.
There is something you can try. If your iPod is recognized in 'my computer' you can try formatting the iPod through Windows, then you would need to reformat it using the iPod updater. This proceedure isn't normal, but can be used in extreme troubleshooting circumstances.

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