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IPod nano in iPhone dock

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My iPod shuffle developed flash problems, so the only thing it is good for at this point is as a 10% discount on a new iPod. However, I don't feel like shelling out $++ for a dock when I already have an iPhone 3G dock attached to my Mac. Has anyone tried docking a 4G nano in an iPhone 3G dock? They're the same generation w.r.t. the dock connector pinouts, so I think it should just come down to whether it is a physical match. I tried to test the theory out at an Apple Store, but everything was locked down too tight to reach.


That's great, getting info on two out of four unknowns is a good start. The fact that it fits at all was important; the fact that it charges means that whatever revision of the charging pinouts they're on -- plus or minus the slow death of FireWire pin support -- it's compatible.
I'm pretty sure my other two unknowns (whether it will sync, whether it will play through) will likely just work fine given the first two answers... although actual experience would be nice to hear about.

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