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Iphone 4s won't print since 7.1 update

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I updated my Iphone 4S to 7.1 and now when I try to print it says No Airprint Printers Found. I have a HP Photosmart D 110. I could print from my phone until I updated to 7.1
I can still print wireless from my I Mac and my Mac book.


Hi johnnym415,
Welcome to the Support Communities!
It's possible that the firmware for the printer may need to be updated for the new iOS.  Have you tried restarting and/or resetting the iPhone?  It may help to uninstall and reinstall the printer as well.
AirPrint Basics
If you are unable to print, or if you see the message "No AirPrint Printers Found"
Verify that the printer:
Has power and is turned on. If it has power, turn the printer off and then on again to see if that resolves the issue.
Is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iOS device.
Has the latest firmware version installed.
Has paper with enough ink or toner installed.
Is free of any errors displayed on the printer's control panel.
If necessary, consult the printer documentation or contact the printer vendor for help with the above steps.Notes:
AirPrint printers connected to the USB port of the Apple AirPort Base Station or Time Capsules are not supported with AirPrint.
Some Wi-Fi AirPrint printers can take several minutes to join a Wi-Fi network after being turned on. Ensure that the AirPrint printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network before attempting to print.
I hope this information helps ....
Have a great day!
- Judy

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