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Ipad2 can mirroring with 'component av cable'?

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(I'm foriegner.. so my english is too bozo...)
I have a ipad2.
I want to useing mirroring tech.
First purpose is 'to presentation with ipad in Keynote'
Second purpose is 'to show about ipad2 home screen(background image on application) for my presentation audience'
Third purpose is 'to see the video'(is not important)
I know 4kind of cable.
Apple Digital AV Adapter(HDMI adapter)
VGA Adapter for ipad Dock(VGA,D-sub adapter)(is it need ipad Dock? I don't have ipad Dock)
Apple component cable(3video code and 2 audio code)
Apple composit cable(1video code and 2 audoi code)(Not good at video quality)
(in korea.. we have many HDTV supporing HDMI... but not projector..
Be as usual many projector is using component code.(Only NEW monitor or NEW TV have a HDMI code))
So in my purpose...
Exactly, ipad2 + component cable are can using mirroring tech?
If it can not mirroring..
what kind of cable(or apapter) is the best?


Only way?
I know Apple AV adapter is support perfect mirroring.
VGA adapter is not support (perfact)mirroring?
I think this is supporting perfect mirroring screen but not audio...

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