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IOS7, audiobooks don't work! Help

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I upgraded to IOS7 yesterday! and still getting used to it. But today when I am traveling, I am VERY dismayed to discover that my audiobooks won't play. They show up in the music app, with the audiobooks button. But they simply won't play. The play button is black, FF and REV are gray. Red dots to the left of each half of the book, other music works. So what gives? My trip was planned around listening to this book...


OK.... I think I found a solution. I just did this, haven't thoroughly tested it. And it required a step that scared me, but didn't turn out to be too time consuming, and at least as far as I can tell so far, I haven't lost any data.
I did a reset on the iPad. Not just the low level reset, this one is labeled "Erase all content and settings." When you do this, it gives you some warning that you are really pretty much wiping your iPad clean, and it gives you a choice of restoring from your Mac, or from the Cloud. Since I am not really using the cloud much, it turns out my last backup on the cloud was a while ago, so I went with the backup from my mac, which was from earlier today.
I think the process took maybe 15 minutes. I just checked, and the audiobook that I want to hear is now working. So are my other audiobooks. Looks like all my apps are there. My emails are there.
If I risked anything by doing this, I am not aware that catastrophe was incurred. I am happy to have fixed it. And I remain unhappy that the whole thing happened. I was completely in to hearing this book. And in the last two days since things went haywire, I spent six hours in the car, time I could have put to better use. Oh well. I am healthy and all the wiser. Hope this helps others.

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