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In the af:table selected row need to display in the next page?

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I am using jdev
I tried one sample application, in that jspx page, I am having the af:table and button in my view activity. In that table select one row and click on the button that time, the navigation page always show the first row. Suppose I select the 5th ro and navigate the page also displaying the first row only. So I don't know how to proceed this? Kindly suggest me.


Hi Timo,
I used the selectionListener tag also.
Anyway Here I posted my jspx page.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page" version="2.1" xmlns:f="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core"
<jsp:directive.page contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"/>
<af:document title="EmployeesView.jspx" id="d1">
<af:messages id="m1"/>
<af:form id="f1">
<af:panelCollection id="pc1">
<f:facet name="menus"/>
<f:facet name="toolbar">
<af:toolbar id="t2">
<af:commandButton text="Edit Employee" id="cb1" action="Edit" />
<f:facet name="statusbar"/>
<af:table value="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.collectionModel}" var="row" rows="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.rangeSize}"
emptyText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.viewable ? 'No data to display.' : 'Access Denied.'}"
fetchSize="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.rangeSize}" rowBandingInterval="0"
queryListener="#{bindings.EmployeesVOQuery.processQuery}" filterVisible="true" varStatus="vs"
selectionListener="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.collectionModel.makeCurrent}" rowSelection="single"
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.EmployeeId.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.EmployeeId.label}" id="c1">
<af:outputText value="#{row.EmployeeId}" id="ot1">
<af:convertNumber groupingUsed="false" pattern="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.EmployeeId.format}"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.FirstName.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.FirstName.label}" id="c2">
<af:outputText value="#{row.FirstName}" id="ot2"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.LastName.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.LastName.label}" id="c3">
<af:outputText value="#{row.LastName}" id="ot3"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.Email.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.Email.label}" id="c4">
<af:outputText value="#{row.Email}" id="ot4"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.PhoneNumber.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.PhoneNumber.label}" id="c5">
<af:outputText value="#{row.PhoneNumber}" id="ot5"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.HireDate.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.HireDate.label}" id="c6">
<f:facet name="filter">
<af:inputDate value="#{vs.filterCriteria.HireDate}" id="id1">
<af:convertDateTime pattern="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.HireDate.format}"/>
<af:outputText value="#{row.HireDate}" id="ot6">
<af:convertDateTime pattern="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.HireDate.format}"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.JobId.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.JobId.label}" id="c7">
<af:outputText value="#{row.JobId}" id="ot7"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.Salary.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.Salary.label}" id="c8">
<af:outputText value="#{row.Salary}" id="ot8"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.CommissionPct.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.CommissionPct.label}" id="c9">
<af:outputText value="#{row.CommissionPct}" id="ot9"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.ManagerId.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.ManagerId.label}" id="c10">
<af:outputText value="#{row.ManagerId}" id="ot10">
<af:convertNumber groupingUsed="false" pattern="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.ManagerId.format}"/>
<af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.DepartmentId.name}" filterable="true" sortable="true"
headerText="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.DepartmentId.label}" id="c11">
<af:outputText value="#{row.DepartmentId}" id="ot11">
<af:convertNumber groupingUsed="false" pattern="#{bindings.EmployeesVO.hints.DepartmentId.format}"/>
After click the Edit Employee button it should navigate the another page and which record I choose.

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