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Imported PC video clips stored on WD Passport (J:)

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Imported PC video clips stored on WD Passport (J:) show up in Elements as being on I: (eye) and will not open. Before upgrading Win
Vista to Win 7, Passport was I:, then changed to J:. However, new video files downloaded to passport J: still show up as being on (I
which does not exist anymore. Move a clip to C: and Elements works just fine but I don't want to transfer all my files due to thi
s issue.
How do I get Elements to make this change from I: to J:?
Please Help with the same.


To assign a drive letter to a local resource, in XP you'd use Windows' Disk Management applet (right-click My Computer, select Manage, then select Disk Management under Computer Management (Local) > Storage).
For this instance, Ed is 100% correct with the above directions. If your OS is different, just go to Help, and in the Q-box, type in drive letter. Look down the search list for Assign Drive Letter. The exact location might be slightly different, depending on the exact version of the OS.
The OS assigns drive letters to external devices, based on the order of these being plugged-in, or turned on. Each machine will be different, depending on the number of drives, and other devices with drive letters. Each machine needs to have the same drive letter assigned to this external, say J:\. That way, it will always appear as J:\ on each machine, regardless of what else is plugged-in.
Now, on the computer, where it is appearing as I:\, it should be easy to just assign it to J:\. In some cases, if J:\ has already been assigned, one must first change the drive letter of device J:\ to something else, and then assign J:\ to that external. The OS will look at the I.D. of that drive, and always give it J:\.
I do this for all of my externals, and on each of my computers, so that Z:\ is always Z:\, no matter which machine I plug it into. Remember, each computer's OS must be set for this external.
Good luck,

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