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Imovie 09 shutting down

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Hello, like the many other frustrated souls, imo09 is shutting down when I add certain titles or share to media browser. I have tried the following from Bengt's helpful list:
- free up enough space on the internal HD (250 GB)
- removed unusable projeckts with zero kb
- repaired disk with Disk Utility, repaired permissions
- trash preference files
I am able to add one kind of title, the simplest "centered" kind, without it shutting down. When i even scroll the mouse over the other titles (not even clicking on them, for example animated titles) it shuts down.
I then tried to share my 7 min. 550 mb film with 3 centered titles to media browser, didn't work. I then erased preference files and it went through to idvd, cool. Also tried right after sharing two 20 min 1.5 GB films to media browser, all at HD size. They had 15-20 centered titles. Both went through, very cool but it shut down after it was finished. strange- why would 2 films go through to idvd no problem and the third goes through but shuts down immediately after?!?
After a week of fighting, Im happy i have 3 films in idvd, what can i do to avoid this shutting down? Using only 1 kind of title is better than nothing, but can i do something here so i can use all animated titles also?
I have not tried logging on as a new user or deleting imovie completely and reinstalling from the applications disk (not sure how to select only imovie instead of installing everything new. has something to do with selecting options....)
desperate for help.


Hello Elikness, you are the man! My problem with imovie shutting down after adding titles is solved!
But it wasn't the titles at all!! I thought for sure it was the titles because everytime i ran the mouse over the different title options, it shut down. only centered titles were not shutting down.
Your suggestion to take one simple film projeckt and dissect it until i find the problem worked for me. Hope this helps the others who are having troubles with imov 09 adding titles. Here is what i did:
I had 4 film projeckts in my library, none more than 20 min. long with musik, transitions and only centered titles. I duplicated one of these films and removed the other 3 films from the library and put them on my desktop. I only had this duplicated film in my library as a test guinea pig. First i removed all titles, suspecting one or more of my titles as the problem. I closed imovie so it would take on the changes and erased caches and com.apple.imovie8.plist from preference files. I reopened imovie and tried to run the mouse over the title options, especially animated ones. it shut down. very confused, i took off all audio clips, closed imovie, erased caches and preference file. reopened imovie, tried titles again, it still shut down. I then took off all transitions, closed imovie, erased cahes, pref. files. it didnt shut down! i suspectd transitions was the real problem, not titles. So i put back on the musik and animated titles, no shut down!! I then put back normal transitions, no special or complicated ones. This worked for me. Now i have all 4 movies with animated titles, normal transitions and musik with no shut downs! Yippeee!
Those darn transitions were the problem for me! Especailly the water wave circle ones. Other complicated transitions also though.
Thanks again!

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